A sea of sound

28 Oct 2009

Sound artist, musician, researcher and educator Dr Ros Bandt discusses aural environments, the sculpting of sound, her recent works and musical inspirations.

With host Jacky Angus.

"In a sound installation, you are fully aware of your whole self, your mind and your body as you are walking through with all of your senses" - Dr Ros Bandt

Dr Ros Bandt is an internationally acclaimed sound artist, composer, researcher and scholar. Since 1977 she has pioneered interactive sound installations, sound sculptures, and created sound playgrounds, spatial music systems, and some 40 sound installations worldwide. She has curated many sound performances, exhibitions and events. Her original works are recorded on New Albion Records (USA), Move Records (Melbourne), EMI/ABC, and Wergo (Germany).

In 1990 Bandt won the Don Banks Composers Award, being the first woman to do so. Other awards include the inaugural Benjamin Cohen Peace Prize in the USA and the Sound Art Australia Prize funded by the ABC and the Goethe Institute.

She has been commissioned by the Paris Autumn festival, the Studio of Acoustic Art, WDR-Cologne, Transit and ORF Vienna and was one of the six exquisites in the International Sound Art Festival in the USA. She collaborates with many interdisciplinary artists and has been a founding member of three ensembles: La Romanesca early music ensemble, the cross-cultural Back to Back Zithers, and the improvisatory LIME.

Bandt is a prolific writer on sound and her book, Sound Sculpture: Intersections in Sound and Sculpture in Australian Artworks, (Fine Arts Press) is the first audio visual profile of Australian sound art. She is an honorary senior research fellow at the Australian Centre, the University of Melbourne, where she directs The Australian Sound Design Project, the first on-line soundart gallery, searchable data-base and web site merging soundart practice with academic research. She teaches sound art studios at the VCA and RMIT and is in demand as a keynote speaker on sound, here and internationally.

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