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Stop it at the start

Phase 2 campaign materials

3 Oct 2018

Campaign materials from Phase two of a joint Australian, state and government campaign "Violence against women. Let's stop it at the start"

Stop it at the Start aims to help break the cycle of violence by encouraging adults to reflect on their attitudes, and have conversations about respect with young people.

The campaign is aimed at parents and family members of children aged 10–17, as well as the teachers, coaches, community leaders and employers of young people.

Since young people’s attitudes and behaviours are shaped by those around them, it’s important to expose them to positive influences where they live, work, learn and socialise. As adults, we need to recognise and reconcile our role as important influencers of the younger generation.

Stop it at the Start is a Council of Australian Governments initiative, jointly funded by the Australian, state and territory governments. Campaign activities run until the end of 2018, and will build on efforts already underway by states and territories, as well as non-government organisations such as Our Watch and White Ribbon.


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