Children of immigrants in the labour markets of EU and OECD countries: an overview

Immigration Children Labour force Markets Australia Europe North America New Zealand Great Britain OECD countries

This reports contrasts the situation for the children of immigrants compared with the children of natives in European and non-European OECD countries along a number of key outcomes (educational attainment, employment and unemployment rates, occupations and sectors).

Among its key findings is the identification of a clear difference between the non-European OECD countries (Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States) on the one hand and European OECD countries on the other hand. In the former, the children of migrants have education and labour market outcomes that tend to be at least at par with those of the children of natives. In the European OECD countries (with the exception of Switzerland), both education and labour market outcomes of the children of immigrants tend to be much less favourable.

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