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EIRD Research Forum - Associate Professor Alwin Chong

Early Intervention Research Directorate - Positive Future’s research collaboration

11 Apr 2018

The Early Intervention Research Directorate (EIRD) held a Research Forum on 10 April 2018, where our External Expert Consortium of researchers shared their overarching key findings from child abuse/neglect prevention & early intervention research to date.

These research findings impact how individuals, organisations and systems respond to vulnerable children and families.

This forum challenged participants to think about new ways of approaching the complex area of child abuse/neglect prevention and early intervention.

Associate Professor Alwin Chong, Director of the Positive Futures Research Collaboration at the University of South Australia, spoke about their role in providing cultural leadership across EIRD, which was badged as the Aboriginal Research Engagement and Communication Strategy.

Chong also discusses some of the key findings from the Case File Reviews and Desktop Evaluations.

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