Sadie Cox


Sadie Cox is a Senior Analyst in the Markets & Policy Analysis Group of the Strategic Energy Analysis Center. Sadie’s areas of expertise include renewable energy design and good practices, advancing technical solutions for resilient power systems, and assessing development impacts of clean energy and climate actions.

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Policy report

11 May 2016

Bioenergy is renewable energy generated from biological source materials, and includes electricity, transportation fuels and heating. Source materials are varied types of biomass, including food crops such as corn and sugarcane, non-edible lignocellulosic materials such as agricultural and forestry waste and dedicated crops, and municipal...

Policy report

27 Feb 2016

Globally, 32% of total final energy consumption is attributed to the building sector. To reduce energy consumption, energy codes set minimum energy efficiency standards for the building sector. With effective implementation, building energy codes can support energy cost savings and complementary benefits associated with electricity...

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