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Dr Amanda Coles is a lecturer in Arts and Cultural Management and Employment Relations at Deakin Business School. Amanda’s research examines the political economy of labour markets and workforce development in the cultural economy with a focus on public policy, collective representation and gender. Amanda works closely with industry groups on a range of policy-related issues, most recently with the Canadian Unions for Equality on Screen (CUES). She is a Co-Researcher with the SSHRC funded Interuniversity Research Centre on Globalisation and Work in Montreal, Canada. Her academic career is informed by her professional history in the arts and cultural sector.

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6 Dec 2018

To explore how art can be used to help promote gender equality in Victoria, VicHealth commissioned a research team from the University of Melbourne and Deakin University to review international, gender-related arts projects. This report document their key findings.


31 Jul 2017

As a growing body of research demonstrates, gender inequality is a defining feature of work and careers in the creative industries. Data from around the world shows that simply by virtue of their gender, women experience a marked disadvantage in key creative and leadership roles...

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