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Address to victims and survivors of sexual abuse

22 Oct 2018

Thank you. I understand the anger. And can I ask Cheryl Edwardes to come and join me up on stage, please? I'm asking Cheryl to come and join me here today, Cheryl Edwardes led the leadership of the advisory group that led to today's apology. Cheryl was joined by Hetty Johnston who is here. Thank you, Hetty. Richard Weston, CEO of the Healing Foundation and descendant of the Meriam people of the Torres Strait. Caroline Carroll OAM, founding chair of the Alliance for Forgotten Australians. Chrissie Foster, who along with her late husband Anthony, drew national attention to the issue of clergy abuse. Leonie Sheedy, CEO of Care Leavers Australasia Network. And Craig Hughes-Cashmore, CEO of the Survivors and Mates Support Network.

I would like you to join me in doing something. I'm going to take Cheryl's hand. This is the apology that I tabled in the Parliament. I have not read this anywhere. This will be the first place that I read the formal apology, which will be provided to you today. And it is being done for you here in this place. I would like you to take the hand of those next to you, because... stand with you, stand together, and I want to read the apology to all of you.

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