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7 Jun 2016

Internet on the Outstation provides a new take on the digital divide. Why do whole communities choose to go without the internet when the infrastructure for access is in place? Through an in-depth exploration of the digital practices occurring in Aboriginal households in remote central...


1 Jun 2015

The project aimed to inform the successful provision of internet infrastructure, maintenance and training in remote areas by providing detailed qualitative analysis of how households in the three communities experienced the internet.


24 May 2013

This submission has been prepared by researchers from the Home Internet for Remote Communities Project (HIP). HIP is a collaborative project between the Centre for Appropriate Technology, Central Land Council and Swinburne University that aims to investigate the feasibility of home-based computing and internet access...


27 Nov 2009

This paper outlines the development and implementation of the Community Phone as an alternative public telephone for remote settlements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, in the broader context of telecommunications services in remote Australia.

The characteristics of the Community Phone service are...

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