Hip fracture incidence and hospitalisations in Australia 2015–16

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Hip fractures are breaks occurring at the top of the thigh bone (femur). They place considerable burden on the wellbeing of the individual, their family, and carers, and represent a substantial cost to the health-care system in Australia.

This report provides national data on the incidence and hospital-based treatment of hip fractures in Australia, using data from the National Hospital Morbidity Database for 2015–16.

It complements available subnational and cohort clinical register data, and provides a national baseline for future population monitoring work on hip fracture prevention, risk, incidence, management, and outcomes.

In 2015–16, hip fractures were managed in a total of 50,900 episodes of hospital care, for both new (incident) hip fractures, and management and repair of previous fractures. These hospitalisations equate to more than 579,000 bed days, and involved more than 206,300 procedures or interventions.

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