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Julia Bennett is the Crafts Council’s Head of Research and Policy. She develops policy and advocacy strategies, writes about craft and manages research projects, strengthening evidence to improve the conditions for craft. Recent research commissions include Studying Craft 16, an analysis of trends in craft education and training, Innovation through Crafts: opportunities for growth, that describes how collaboration drives innovation and growth, and Measuring the Craft Economy, a set of proposals which resulted in DCMS including craft data for the first time in its economic estimates. As an experienced researcher, research manager, policy specialist and strategist, Julia has worked independently with small charities and arts organisations, as well as for the Local Government Association, the Learning and Skills Improvement Service, the Minority Rights Group and a number of local councils.

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1 Sep 2017

In the fourth issue of CAMEo Cuts, Julia Bennett explores the UK craft economy.

She begins with a reflection on the rich and diverse history of craft in London, and outlines some of the challenges now being faced by its contemporary makers and designers....

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