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MAYA wants to change what takes place on our stages and screens. We get excited by hearing stories that don’t often get told, and when we find new ways of telling them. We really want to see the whole range of people we work with, pass on the street and go to school with represented on and off stage. We recognise that we live in a global world, and that connections across borders are important. We create work that engages our senses, takes us to new places, makes us laugh, cry and think. We do this through collaboration, with artists, young people, community organisations, academics, and cultural leaders. We are always on a journey, looking to discover and share something new about the world.

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1 Jun 2017

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic artists still have low visibility in arts and culture.

For instance, the Creative Skillset 2012 Census notes that the “representation of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people declined from 7.4% of the total workforce in 2006 to 6.7% in...


How to find one, be one and make a difference
1 Jun 2017

BAME role models and leaders are important for increasing workforce diversity. Seeing BAME artists in the spotlight builds ambition in young people and motivates individuals to step into a career in the arts. Listening to BAME leaders in positions of power inspires confidence in the...

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