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Australia’s national security, economic prosperity and social wellbeing are critically dependent upon the availability, integrity and confidentiality of a range of information and communications technologies (ICT). This includes desktop computers, the internet, mobile communications devices and other computer systems and networks.

The Cyber security strategy was launched on 23 November 2009 and articulates the overall aim and objectives of the Australian Government’s cyber security policy and sets out the strategic priorities that the Australian Government will pursue to achieve these objectives. The Strategy also describes the key actions and measures that will be undertaken through a comprehensive body of work across the Australian Government to achieve these strategic priorities.

The Strategy was a key outcome of the E-Security Review 2008. The review examined the Australian Government’s cyber security policy, programs and capabilities with the aim of developing a new Australian Government policy framework for cyber security – the Strategy.

The Australian Government defines cyber security as: Measures relating to the confidentially, availability and integrity of information that is processed, stored and communicated by electronic or similar means.

The aim of the Australian Government’s cyber security policy is: The maintenance of a secure, resilient and trusted electronic operating environment that supports Australia’s national security and maximises the benefits of the digital economy.

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