Migrant Worker Justice Initiative


The Migrant Worker Justice Initiative catalyses improved enforcement of rights and just remedies for migrant workers globally. We draw on rigorous analysis of migrant workers’ experiences across multiple regions to provide governments, business and civil society with pragmatic new pathways for reform.

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29 Nov 2018

This report presents the first comprehensive study of living and working conditions of au pairs in Australia. It draws on responses from 1,479 au pairs across 34 nationalities to an online survey in 2017. The study seeks to provide an evidence base to indicate the...


Why migrant workers do not recover their unpaid wages in Australia
29 Oct 2018

This report argues that structural reforms are urgently required to address the drivers of exploitation. There is also a pressing need for remedial mechanisms that are accessible to individual migrant workers. Against a culture of impunity, predicated on employers’ assumptions that migrant workers will remain...

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