Prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and chronic kidney disease

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Cardiovascular disease (CVD), diabetes and chronic kidney disease (CKD) account for around a quarter of the burden of disease in Australia, and just under two-thirds of all deaths. These three diseases often occur together and share risk factors, such as physical inactivity, overweight and obesity, and high blood pressure. This report includes information on the national prevalence of the main risk factors for CVD, CKD and diabetes as well as population initiatives and individual services that aim to prevent or control these risk factors. It shows the prevalence of some risk factors is increasing-notably obesity, which rose from 11% of adults in 1995 to 24% in 2007-08. This is the first report to present a systematic approach to monitor prevention in Australia, providing a baseline for future monitoring.

The authors of this report are Lynelle Moon, Katherine Faulks, Simone Littlewood, Naomi McIntosh, Claire Ryan and Anne-Marie Waters of the Cardiovascular, Diabetes and Kidney Unit at the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW).

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