Saudi Energy Efficiency Center (SEEC)


Saudi Energy Efficiency Center was established by the Council of Ministers decision No. 363 dated 24 Thu Al-Qiida 1431 A.H. that mandated the transfer of National Energy Efficiency and Rationalization Program (temporary) in King AbdulAziz City for Sciences and Technology to a permanent national center, in the line of the administrative organization of the city, called “Saudi Energy Efficiency City”, connected directly by City’s president. The Center is supervised by an administrative committee headed by president of King AbdulAziz City for Sciences and Technology, and membership of some concerned agencies.

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12 Sep 2018

In 2012, The Saudi Energy Efficiency Center (SEEC) launched the Saudi Energy Efficiency Program (SEEP – called hereafter ‘the Program’) with the objectives of improving the Kingdom’s energy efficiency by designing and implementing initiatives and their enablers. A sub-committee was established by SEEC’s Board, chaired...


28 Feb 2018

This presentation first shows a summary of the following standards for home appliances: small air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers, washing machines, clothes dryers and water heaters in Saudi Arabia.

From Page 38, this presentation introduces how to make relevant policies by implementing enforcement, awareness...

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