Redesigning work

How do governments, organisations, businesses and the workforce respond to change?

20 Nov 2017

The role that work plays in our lives is a topic that has come up for us repeatedly. It intersects our lives at every level, and raises questions around technology, education and welfare. So, in 2016, we commenced a research project into how work can be “redesigned”.

We spoke to hundreds of leaders and experts across Australia about their views and suggestions around the future of work. As part of this, we hosted a series of dinners around the country to bring together experts and thought-leaders from diverse backgrounds to discuss the challenges posed by the future of work and their ideas for what we can do to address them. You’ll see excerpts and quotes from these discussions throughout this report.

This process encouraged collaboration between sectors and industries—across government,
education, business and community—forming a network of people who are all interested in solving
the same set of problems we face around the future of work.

Part I of the report explores what work looks like today, and how this is changing.

Part II provides a series of ideas for what governments, educational institutions, employers and design companies like us can do to prepare for the challenges the futureof work will bring.

This report is intended to provide a talking point for those who are interested in joining the conversation about the future of work, and a tool for those who have already started to make change in their lives, organisations or sectors.

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