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6 May 2013

This report examines the impact of door-to-door sales practices on vulnerable consumers, including refugee communities, low-income families and public housing residents. By using the real life experiences of our clients at the Footscray Community Legal Centre ( Footscray CLC ), this report examines the social...


9 Aug 2010

If we want to end poverty, we’ve got to start championing policies to build families’ assets, writes Gerard Brody

THE AUSTRALIAN social security system has traditionally been an all-or-nothing kind of deal. It has not been designed to help you move up, but rather...


13 Jan 2010

The authors of this report argue that Australia’s current asset-building policies largely support those who are already well off.

Tax concessions on housing and superannuation in particular enable wealthier households to further accumulate assets while doing little for poorer families. Significant reform of the...

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