"Time to get cracking": the challenge of developing best practice in Australian sexual assault prevention education

Police Education Assault and battery Sex crimes Australia

This paper discusses a number of challenges that programs are likely to face in the effort to formulate best practice in sexual assault prevention education.

The discussion is based on findings from interviews conducted with 32 prevention educators and program writers during a research project in which questions were asked about program development. Some of the challenges include: the distinctiveness of the prevention education role, conceptual underpinnings in programs, program development and evaluation, working in schools, choosing a pedagogical approach to work with young people, and program adaptation for the purposes of cultural relevance. In addressing each of these challenges, connections are made between what interviewees said and what is communicated in the standards. The aim of the paper is less with positioning the standards as the final word on best practice, and more with arguing the need for further debate, discussion and action to develop best practice in sexual assault prevention education.

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