Karolien Lenaerts


Karolien Lenaerts joined CEPS in June 2015 as a Researcher. She studied Economics at Ghent University, specializing in the economics of globalisation. In September 2010, Karolien started her PhD in Economics at Ghent University, which focused on foreign direct investment, spillovers from multinationals to domestic firms, productivity and firm heterogeneity. Her research interests include international economics and the economics of labour. She is part of the Jobs & Skills Unit. 

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The partnership between delivery platform Deliveroo and workers' cooperative SMart has been terminated, sparking new debate over workers' rights in the platform economy
31 Oct 2017

Platform work, one of the new forms of employment to have recently emerged in the EU, has already become the subject of heated debate. Beyond its effects on traditional occupations and the labour market more generally, many have raised concerns about the working and employment...


8 Jan 2016

The last few years have witnessed the exponential growth of platforms like Uber and Airbnb and the creation of countless other less well-known examples. The expansion of the on-demand economy puts huge pressure on regulators to adapt it to the existing frameworks for labour and...

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