The business guide to the low carbon economy: NSW

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This guide walks through NSW climate change policy and issues that a business needs to consider when developing a climate strategy.

The Climate Group CEO Steve Howard met with New South Wales Minster for Climate Change and The Environment, John Robertson, in November 2009 to launch a new guide that will help businesses in New South Wales (NSW) adapt to the emerging low-carbon economy. 

Commissioned by the NSW Government, the guide was prepared by The Climate Group and Climate Group member ARUP. It provides practical steps for businesses to get on top of measuring and curbing greenhouse gas emissions from their operations

The NSW Government is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2020, with the operations of the NSW Cabinet becoming carbon neutral from mid-2009.

The NSW Government continues to show leadership in its work with the Australian Government to develop policies to reduce greenhouse emissions in areas where state governments are better placed to act. One policy area where this is particularly the case is in assisting businesses and communities adapt to the unavoidable impacts of climate change. That said, many policies that assist businesses to reduce emissions, such as encouraging energy efficiency improvements, will also help them adapt, by reducing the effect of rising electricity prices.

An undertaking of this scale requires every individual, public sector entity and private sector business to make urgent and substantial progress in reducing their emissions.

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