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Irene Mandl is Head of the research unit ‘Employment’ at Eurofound. She holds a master’s degree in International Business Administration and one in Business and Law. Before joining Eurofound, she worked in policy-oriented socioeconomic research in Austria in the fields of employment and labour market, as well as entrepreneurship and industry analysis. At Eurofound, she is mainly involved in research on labour market developments (including new forms of work and employment, digitalisation or restructuring and related public policy approaches) and topics in the intersection of employment and entrepreneurship (such as job creation, workplace practices, small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups and scale-ups or internationalisation).

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29 May 2018

As part of Eurofound’s research activities on ‘work and employment in the digital age’, and more specifically its research strand related to platforms, this paper aims to provide a review of relevant literature on platform work, notably as regards the different emerging types of platform...

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