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28 Jun 2015

AER 60 takes the 2011 Gonski Review of Funding for Schooling as a vantage point, from which to consider the national funding of schools in Australia, past and future.


Section 1 outlines the educational values and perspectives that have underpinned school funding...


23 May 2012

Public schools face a real cut of over $670 million a year unless the Federal Government substantially lifts its investment in public education, argues this report.

This report finds that:

Public schools will receive $673 million less in real terms in 2015/16 than...

Discussion paper

7 Oct 2011

There is a lot at stake over the next few months in the countdown to the Gonski panel's final advice on schools funding. That advice, and the Government’s response, could determine the long-term future of schooling across Australia and, in particular, the nature...

Discussion paper

13 Aug 2010

According to this paper, the public funding of government and non-government schools has reached a critical point in its history.

The Labor Government has set in train an independent and comprehensive review of funding policy for the decisions that will have to be taken...


18 Jan 2010

The author argues that an “unfair and dysfunctional” funding system put in place by the Howard government that should be scrapped. The report also finds that: • by the end of the current schools funding agreement in 2012/13, private schools will have received $47 billion...

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