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The Asia-Pacific region has experienced significant growth in its green building market. APEC members have supported a number of related activities over recent years to advance building rating systems, promote life-cycle analysis for products and materials, and document policies regulating building design and construction. The common goal of these efforts is to work toward a sustainable built environment supported by the free flow of trade in products and technologies.

This Green Code Infrastructure Guide proposes a framework to support code requirements in the marketplace to achieve desired outcomes. While specific goals and drivers for green buildings will vary among economies, the basic concepts of infrastructure are “driver-neutral” and, at the same time, heavily economy-specific in practice. The proposed framework is flexible and can be customized to leverage the strengths and accommodate the realities of individual economies. The guide provides

  • Details on components necessary to support effective green building code policy formulation and implementation, and
  • A framework that will help policymakers, regulators, the private sector, and green building advocates identify and begin to close gaps in local code infrastructure.
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