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Code for America Labs, Inc. 2018

Since 2011, we’ve worked with thousands of tech and design industry professionals to help hundreds of state and local governments serve their communities better. Now we're working with government to make the most of our tax dollars to help millions, starting with those who need it most. Toward the goal of a government that works for the people, by the people, in a digital age, Code for America:

  • operates digital services that show what’s possible
  • shares the principles and practices of delivery-driven government through in-person and online media and gatherings, and
  • supports a citizen-driven movement.

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Reaching vulnerable populations where they are — online
13 Sep 2018

At Code for America, we help make government services work, starting with people who need them most. Serving these people requires not only building great digital services, but finding ways to effectively reach them.

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