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7 Nov 2016

Community aged care services in Australia are undergoing major change. With the introduction of Consumer Directed Care (CDC), older adults who are eligible for assistance have control over spending their individual budget on services and can choose a service provider in an open, competitive market....


23 May 2016

Australia’s approach to providing care for older adults living at home has recently undergone radical change, under the banner of Consumer Directed Care. Aged care clients now have individual choice and control of their government-subsidised Home Care Packages. An action research study was undertaken to...


20 Dec 2015

How do older Australians develop the knowhow to devise lives they value in our increasingly complex society with its tsunami of information and plethora of choices? This small qualitative study found that older adults particularly valued the ‘knowhow’ that enables them to manage matters such...


15 Apr 2015

The study of a pilot program to support people with younger onset dementia in the Frankston area of outer Melbourne has found that the participants valued being involved in initiating and organising activities that they find meaningful and enjoyable, and having the chance to share...


16 Oct 2013

Recognising the need for a respite service which provides real support and reassurance for carers of people with dementia, Brotherhood of St Laurence Aged Services devised the Short Break Stay program at the Banksia Community Respite Centre. There is clear evidence that the program, which...

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