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We are a global community of creative micro-entrepreneurs, advocating for policy reforms that make it easier to start and grow our businesses.

There are over 1.9 million Etsy sellers around the world, who collectively sold $3.25B in goods in 2017 alone. Individually, our businesses may be small, but together we represent significant economic impact and opportunity. Yet, policymakers often overlook the Etsy community when considering new laws, and fail to understand the common challenges we face - from managing complicated tax laws to the pains of international shipping. Governments can help reduce those barriers, but we need to educate them about our unique experiences and needs. By coming together and advocating for ourselves, we can make the Etsy Economy a reality, enabling creative entrepreneurs around the world to thrive.

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27 Mar 2017

Etsy is a global creative commerce platform that builds markets, services, and economic opportunities for creative entrepreneurs. Within Etsy markets, millions of people around the world connect, both online and offline, to make, sell, and buy unique goods. We believe that we’re creating a new...


26 Sep 2016

Fifty years ago, the average worker expected to stay with one employer for the duration of their career, and that employer provided a full suite of benefits that guaranteed economic security to the worker and their family. Today traditional full-time employment is no longer the...


23 Jul 2015

Although Etsy sellers differ from traditional entrepreneurs in many ways, they are emblematic of larger shifts in the economy towards self-employment and micro-business. Most are businesses of one, and face very different challenges from even a five- or ten-person enterprise. Government and regulatory agencies should...


18 Jun 2014

The maker movement is on the rise. There are already over one million Etsy sellers worldwide. Together, they sold over $1.35 billion worth of goods in 2013. The emerging maker movement offers the tantalizing promise of a better economy—one that puts people at the center...

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