The maker movement is on the rise. There are already over one million Etsy sellers worldwide. Together, they sold over $1.35 billion worth of goods in 2013. The emerging maker movement offers the tantalizing promise of a better economy—one that puts people at the center of commerce, promotes local, sustainable production, and empowers anyone to build a creative business on their own terms. Yet makers face many challenges. As micro-businesses, they operate in gray areas between amateur and professional, business and worker, consumer and provider. They are inconsistently captured in government statistics and poorly understood by policy makers. If we are to fulfill the promise of a people-powered economy, governments should enable micro-entrepreneurship, support small-scale commerce, andfoster economic security for all:

  • A Micro-Advocate in Every Agency
  • Entrpreneurship Training in every Jobs Program
  • Peer-to-Peer Trade Between Every Country
  • Small-Batch Manufacturing in Every Community
  • Economic Security for Every Entrepreneur
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