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Australia, France and the United Kingdom: helping youth into the labour market: a community responsibility to maintain social cohesion?

Youth Labour force Transition to work Australia Great Britain France
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Youth is often equated to the dynamics of transitions between various states: from adolescence to adulthood, from school to work, from family protection to personal responsibility. Often labelled as the age group with the highest unemployment rate, young people are seen as having specific needs which involve specific risks. In the late 1990s newly elected governments seemed keen on launching programmes which - at least in the beginning - targeted young people: Work for the Dole in Australia, the Emplois-Jeunes programme in France, or the New Deal for Young People in the United Kingdom. As most programmes hinted at the necessity to include young people into the broader community, there could be a point in analysing the diverse methods and rhetorics used. The focus on the obligations young people have to fulfil to be considered as good citizens, the suggestion that they are a potential threat to community building may have found a different echo in those three countries. The part played by the community in the inclusion process must also be considered as it reveals the legitimacy of the state in tackling social issues.

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