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14 Oct 2018

This report examines the availability and discoverability of Australian film and television content on Netflix and Stan. It builds on findings from a 2017 pilot study, produced for the Department of Communications’ Australian Screen and Children’s Content Review.


Submission to the Australian and Children’s Screen Content Review September 2017
15 Sep 2017

Executive summary

SVOD (subscription video-on-demand) portals represent a new and disruptive category of entertainment service. The two leading SVOD portals in Australia are Netflix and Stan. Netflix – which is not an Australian media company and cannot easily be regulated under Australian law...


12 Feb 2016

How did Australia’s love affair with Netflix begin? This book extract traces the geoblocking debate and its political fallout

OVER THE past decade Australia has become an unlikely hotspot of digital disobedience. Frustrated by the high cost and slow delivery of first-release TV...


29 Jan 2016

Geoblocking and Global Video Culture explores the cultural implications of access control and circumvention in an age of VPNs. Featuring seventeen chapters from diverse critical positions and locations – including China, Iran, Malaysia, Turkey, Cuba, Brazil, USA, Sweden and Australia.

Contributors: Ramon Lobato,...


16 Jul 2015

Lost in the fog of the Zaky Mallah controversy are more fundamental questions about the ABC’s role in representative democracy

In the weeks since Zaky Mallah’s Q&A appearance we’ve seen how a question of genuine interest and importance – whether our national broadcaster...

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