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1 Mar 2018

A major barrier to the adoption of Geopolymer concrete in construction is the lack of long-term performance data. Field testing has been undertaken to determine the behaviour of geopolymers in different service environments and address the gaps in knowledge. The University of New South Wales...

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5 Jan 2018

This study investigates the durability of precast fly ash–based geopolymer concrete (GPC) exposed to an outdoor atmospheric environment for 8 years. Core specimens from GPC culverts are tested to determine the effect of carbonation, permeation properties, and poresize distribution, and the durability is compared with...

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31 Jul 2017


Rate of chloride ingress in fly ash based geopolymer concrete is high in aggressive environment. Geopolymer concrete shows less carbonation resistance compared to Portland cement concrete. Reinforcement bars embedded in geopolymer concrete is more prone to corrosion compared to OPC concrete.


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28 Aug 2016


Carbonation of geopolymer concrete exposed to atmospheric environment was investigated. The mix compositions of geopolymer concrete was influenced on the carbonation rate in atmosphere. The presence of carbonation reaction components was identified by TGA and FTIR analysis. MIP analysis test results was...

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17 Jun 2016

Here, the authors demonstrate the feasibility of industrial application of low carbon supplementary cementitious materials (i.e. geopolymer concrete) by investigating the durability performance of eight years aged reinforced geopolymer concrete structure exposed to ambient environment. The corrosion performance of reinforcement bar in concrete and permeability...

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