Pindi Pindi


Pindi Pindi Limited (Pindi Pindi) is a company limited by guarantee and is our Aboriginal led research centre. The Centre stands out from other Aboriginal research initiatives through its innovative fusion of translational, inter-sectoral, multi-disciplinary research and program delivery embedded in an Aboriginal World-View. Our work is community-driven, translational research with an emphasis on capacity building and policy translation. We recognise the importance of cultural, social and emotional wellbeing, early intervention and prevention.

Our research themes include:

Income, Employment and Economic resources

Law, Social Justice and Community Development

Education, Learning and Skills

Health and Wellbeing

Language, Arts and History

Culture, Heritage and Environment

Sports and Recreation

Technology and Innovation.

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Stage 2 - Kalgoorlie Final Report
16 Apr 2018

The Kalgoorlie Youth Project (now named Guthoo, meaning we are one) aims to describe the perceptions, experiences and aspirations of Aboriginal youth in Kalgoorlie Boulder. Guthoo contributes to a better understanding of the key drivers of youth disengagement in the region. The Guthoo Youth Project...

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