The future of death and ageing

Deaths Ageing User-centred design

This report summarises a people-centred exploration of issues and discussions around death and dying. Over 13 months, this unexplored and neglected area of discovery has been Portable’s frontier of R&D work. We’ve spoken about death and ageing with more than 200 people through dinners, surveys and in-depth conversations.

Chances are you’ve thought about death. And that someone close to you has, too. Chances are also pretty high that you haven’t spoken about it with each other.

Death is seen as a taboo topic. Sure, it’s uncomfortable to start the conversation. But once it starts, everybody has something to say.

The facade of death as taboo is thin, yet it prevents us from talking about it. It prevents us from learning about it. And it prevents us from fully exercising the rights and choices that go along with being a consumer in the experience.

The potential impact is huge, and change is sorely needed. Government is realising that advanced care directives, informant paperwork, and other admin can be user-centred. The recently-announced Royal Commission into Aged Care shows the need for research, advocacy and innovation.



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