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Policy report

5 Dec 2018

Energy efficiency delivers energy savings and therefore energy cost savings, as well as direct environmental benefits. Besides, as an indirect effect, it has smaller or larger consequences on other economic values.

This report reviews current knowledge about the impact of energy efficiency improvements on...

Draft report

Introduction to Level(s) and how it works (Draft Beta v1.0)
16 Aug 2017

Developed as a common EU framework of core indicators for the sustainability of office and residential buildings, Level(s) provides a set of indicators and common metrics for measuring the environmental performance of buildings along their life cycle. As well as environmental performance, which is the...

Technical report

How to make performance assessments using Level(s) (Draft Beta v1.0)
16 Aug 2017

This document is the companion to parts 1 and 2 of the guidance on how to use Level(s). In part 1 a general introduction to Level(s) is provided, together with in Part 2 an overview of the macro-objectives, performance indicators and the three Levels of...

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