Terry Gregory


Dr. Terry Gregory has been a member of ZEW’s Research Department “Labour Markets and Human Resources” since 2009. As a Senior Researcher in the Research Area “Changing Labour Markets”, he conducts research in the field of empirical labour economics and regional economics. His special interest lies on the labour market consequences of digitization and automation, labour market inequalities, and the impact of minimum wages.

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1 Jul 2016

A fast-growing literature shows that technological change is replacing labor in routine tasks, raising concerns that labor is racing against the machine. This paper is the first to estimate the labor demand effects of routine-replacing technological change (RRTC) for Europe as a whole and at...


16 Jun 2016

In recent years, there has been a revival of concerns that automation and digitalisation might after all result in a jobless future. The debate has been fuelled by studies for the US and Europe arguing that a substantial share of jobs is at “risk of...

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