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In 2014, the HIV and Mobility: Road Map for Action, was the first attempt to capture what we know about HIV and mobility. It proposed 71 strategies across a range of stakeholders to operationalise the recommendations from the Seventh National HIV Strategy (2014-2017). A Community of Practice for Action on HIV and Mobility (CoPAHM) was born in 2015 to keep HIV and mobility on the national agenda and to monitor momentum. While some progress has been made, some key strategies are yet to be met.

The key goal in the current National HIV Strategy is to virtually end HIV transmissions by 2020, ensuring no one is left behind. Despite many successes, there remains challenges we need to resolve to see this achieved. While other key documents outline approaches to addressing HIV more broadly, there is a need for strategies that specifically addresses migrants and travellers. These sub-groups have different contexts, and thus, require approaches that are considerate of their diversity.

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