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25 Nov 2013

Executive Summary: New Zealand’s housing market needs urgent reform. For too long, the rate of building has fallen below what is needed to keep up with household formation and demographics. It is difficult, costly, and time consuming to build a new house or dwelling....


13 Sep 2013

This report is a summary of international fieldwork examining different property markets and systems of local government. Using Switzerland, Germany, Britain and Texas as comparisons to New Zealand, the report examines how they interact with local regulators, how the incentives at local government level affect...


17 Nov 2011

Politicians in New Zealand are wedded to the idea of the activist state, but despite huge spending increases life is not much better for most people. Over the last decade, government has provided more social services but at such great cost that we have to...


27 May 2011

Liquor reform has become a political hot potato in New Zealand, this paper argues, and has resulted in misguided policy.

Social problems caused by alcohol have meant successive governments have come under pressure to regulate sale and consumption of alcohol. One factor driving public...

Discussion paper

29 Mar 2010

After 13 years of Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) representation, Prime Minister John Key has said it is time to ‘kick the tyres’ and see how much support the system enjoys. New Zealand will hold a referendum on the electoral system coinciding with the...

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