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The first year experience in Australian universities: findings from 1994 to 2009

29 Mar 2010

This report is the fourth national study undertaken on the student perspective into the first year experience.

The principal purpose of this research is to provide information and insights for the Australian higher education sector that can assist in enhancing the academic and social experience of first year students and improving educational outcomes in first year and beyond. Our objectives are to build a picture of the overall character and quality of the first year experience across the nation and to explore possible trends in student experience that have implications for policy and practice.

This is not a comparative study of the participating universities. Institutions that participate are provided with their institutional data for internal purposes. They are able to use the findings to benchmark with other participating institutions as well as with findings from previous cycles of the survey.

This report expands upon previous studies and provides a snapshot across a 15-year period in Australian higher education.

Image: Str1ke / flickr

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