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Government responds to productivity commisson inquiry into data availability and use

14 May 2018

The Government’s response to the Productivity Commission’s Inquiry into Data Availability & Use is now available, one year after the Productivity Commission (PC) released its 658-page final report.


Commissioned by the Government in March 2016, the PC Inquiry brought together research and submissions from public and private stakeholders across a range of industries and sectors. The report provides “guidance on where the benefits of greater data use may be most evident and ways that governments might engage with the public to generate community understanding of the costs, risks, and benefits associated with data sharing and use.” The PC report details specific recommendations and calls for significant reform as “marginal changes to existing structures and legislation will not suffice.”

Productivity Commission Recommendations

The PC recommendations address the global trend of increased data generation, associated risks and transformative opportunities, as well as the need for a modernised regulatory and governance framework to navigate the new data landscape. This framework centres around consumer data rights, a risk-stratified approach to data sharing and release, as well as consistent and transparent decision-making supported by legislative instruments. The goal of this is to create a culture of data confidence for all stakeholders in which privacy safeguards are balanced with the public-good utilisation of national data assets.

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