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Early findings from the young people's future health inquiry
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The Health Foundation’s Young people’s future health inquiry is a first-of-its-kind research and engagement project that aims to build an understanding of the influences affecting the future health of young people.

The two-year inquiry, which began in 2017 aims to discover:

  • whether young people currently have the building blocks for a healthy future
  • what support and opportunities young people need to secure them
  • the main issues that young people face as they become adults
  • what this means for their future health and for society more generally.

Alongside the engagement work with young people, the inquiry involves site visits in locations across the UK, as well as a research programme run by the Association for Young People’s Health and the UCL Institute of Child Health. The inquiry will culminate in a policy analysis and development of recommendations in 2019.

This first report in the inquiry shares the findings from our engagement work. The Health Foundation commissioned Kantar Public, an independent social research agency, which partnered with Livity, a youth engagement specialist, to conduct an engagement exercise with young people living in the UK aged 22–26. The aim was to discover the factors that helped or hindered them in their transition to adulthood.

The engagement exercise adopted a mixed method and iterative research approach, which incorporated both qualitative and quantitative research methods. See Appendix 1 for more detail on the methodology.

The Health Foundation also commissioned Opinion Matters, an insight and market research agency, to conduct an online survey of 2,000 young people aged 22–26 and gather their views on the challenges they are facing that could impact on their future health.

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