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Draft report
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All Open Government Partnership countries are required to produce yearly self-assessment reports in consultation with civil society. These reports ensure accountability and track progress towards actioning its Open Government commitments.

Australia’s first End of Term Self-Assessment Report reflects on the progress made in the two years of National Action Plan 2016-18 toward implementing our first Open Government commitments. Overall, while there are still a small number of commitments delayed in this first National Action Plan, Australia has taken great strides to improve transparency, accountability and public engagement over the course of this National Action Plan cycle, with the majority of the Plan’s commitments either on track or now completed. Australia’s first National Action Plan has been successful in setting up Australia for ongoing engagement with the Open Government Partnership and the National Action Plan 2018-20.

This draft report is now open for a two-week public consultation period, running from Monday 3 December to Monday 17 December 2018.

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