Students are being faced with a false choice between the liberal arts and technical fields. Philosophy, English, and history majors are warned to prepare for un- or underemployment, while classmates in engineering and computer science are assumed to have six-figure salaries waiting after graduation.

The latest research from Strada Institute for the Future of Work finds that the skills typically associated with a liberal arts major, or “human” skills, are not only in high demand in the labor market but also potentially more resistant to automation. In addition, when combined with technical coursework, these human+ skills provide the best preparation for the future of work. The report, created in partnership with labor market analytics expert Emsi, examines how our uniquely human skills like leadership, communication, and problem solving actually manifest in the labor market, and how analyzing the career pathways of liberal arts graduates offers all disciplines a case study on how to future-proof workers to be “Robot-Ready.”

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