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Vision for learning in Europe in 2025

Education Europe

This article presents the results of the analysis of innovation in the context of the lifelong learning supported by the use of ICT, as well as a number of learning-related areas that need specific attention in terms of innovation and creativity.

The result of this work has been condensed in “imperatives for change”, a list of actions that should be taken in all the four areas tackled by the project plus some general transversal imperatives. These imperatives can be summarised in the following Learnovation Vision for European learning in 2025: “Being a lifelong learner becomes a condition of life. Thanks to their massive and natural use in everyday life, technologies acquire an emancipating power on people opportunity and ability to learn, favouring a spontaneous tendency towards meta-cognition and ownership of their learning process”.

The article aims to envision the future of learning in an innovation-oriented perspective and provide a set of recommendations for policy and decision-makers on urgent actions to be launched for a positive change to happen. The consultation process launched by the Learnovation project proved to be successful in mobilising stakeholders and getting their input to elaborate future desired scenarios of evolution of learning and in defining recommendations to let such scenarios come true.

The EU-funded Learnovation project worked between 2008-2009 to stimulate a consultation process aimed to lead to a collective and consensus-based new vision of eLearning in Europe. The rationale of the exercise was to assess how and whether learning is supporting innovation among the European society, and how learning is changing thanks to the exploitation of ICT.

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