Life in Mind

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Life in Mind is a national initiative that connects Australian suicide prevention services and programs to each other and the community.

It provides a platform for knowledge exchange surrounding suicide prevention, as well as sector leadership through collaboration and engagement.

Through the Life in Mind online portal, the project aims to reduce suicidal behaviours and suicide rates, as well as improve communications surrounding suicide attempts, response to suicide and its impacts.

To support these objectives, Life in Mind aims to:

  • link policy to practice, communities to help seeking and practitioners to the evidence base through the online portal
  • support coordinated consistent messaging around suicide prevention through the operationalisation of the National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Communications Charter.

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A unified approach to mental health and suicide prevention

The Charter

The National Communications Charter (The Charter) is a unified approach to mental health and suicide prevention supports coordinated and consistent messaging around mental health and suicide prevention.

What is The Charter?

The Charter is a document designed to...

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