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11 Dec 2018

This report finds that global harm reduction response has effectively stalled. Overdose, HIV and Hepatitis C crises continue, among a myriad of other health and social problems related to drug use and drug policy.


22 Nov 2016

Services to reduce drug-related harms are failing to keep up with growing need, despite pledges to combat AIDS among people who inject drugs.


1 Dec 2014

The Global State of Harm Reduction 2014 continues to map the response to drug-related HIV, viral hepatitis and tuberculosis.

It also integrates updated information on harm reduction services into each regional chapter, including on needle and syringe programmes (NSPs) and opioid substitution therapy...


Towards an integrated response
31 Aug 2012

The Global State of Harm Reduction 2012 presents the major developments in harm reduction policy adoption and programme implementation that have occurred since 2010, enabling some assessment of global progress.

It also explores several key issues for developing an integrated harm reduction response, such...


Key issues for broadening the response
15 Apr 2010

This is the second major report in the series. It provides a region-by-region update of key developments in harm reduction since the first Global State report was released in 2008.

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