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The October/November 2018 TAPRI survey
8 Apr 2019

This report summarises a national survey of voters’ attitudes to population growth, immigration, and cultural and economic change run by The Australian Population Research Institute in 2018.


19 Dec 2018

The Department of Education and Training has recently released higher education enrolment statistics for 2017. These show a striking increase in the share of commencing overseas students to all commencing students for all Australian universities from 26.7 per cent in 2016 to 28.9 per cent...


21 Nov 2018

This report argues that the international student industry in Australia is in a precarious state because of its high dependence on overseas-student fee revenue and because current enrolment levels are not secure.


24 Apr 2014

Australia’s labour force participation rate, and ratio of dependents to workforce, are at record highs according to this report, despite an increase in Australia’s median age.


Many people are anxious about Australia’s ageing population. Others are optimistic. So is demographic ageing...

Journal article

19 Apr 2010

Over two thirds of Australian voters are against population growth according to new data from the 2009 - 2010 Australian Survey of Social Attitudes.

Immigration-fuelled population growth has accelerated under the Rudd Government. Recent projections suggest that Australia may grow from its current 22...

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