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6 Feb 2012

This report sets out the findings of the technology assessments and reviews the implications for government policy in terms of developing and deploying low emissions electricity technology.

An accompanying publication: No easy choices: which way to Australia's energy future – Technology Analysis, available on...


15 Dec 2010

Technology innovation is the key to reducing carbon emissions cheaply, according to this report based on the experience of six pollution pricing schemes in Australia and overseas.

In each case, costs to reduce pollution, and actual prices, were much lower than governments and their...


23 Sep 2010

Carbon pricing will mean real changes to parts of the Australian economy, write John Daley and Tristan Edis in Inside Story, but its impact on most industries will be small.


10 May 2010

The Grattan Institute released its public report "Restructuring the Australian Economy to Emit Less Carbon" on Thursday 22 April 2010. Using a detailed analysis of Australian industries' own data, the report concludes the proposed free permits being offered by the Federal Government under...


22 Apr 2010

The Australian debate on carbon pricing has been dominated by concerns that Australia might lose industry and jobs offshore if it has a carbon price when competitor countries do not. If Australian production moves to countries with higher emissions, this would defeat the purpose of...

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