Annual report on compliance and performance of the retail energy market 2017-18

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Energy retailers are required to submit performance reports to us under s 282 of the National Energy Retail Law (NERL). This report is published in accordance with s279 and s284 of the NERL.

We monitor competition in energy markets and the performance of the retailers selling energy to residential, small business and large customers in Queensland, South Australia, the ACT, New South Wales and Tasmania.

Where we refer to ‘national’ figures or numbers, this is a reference to the jurisdictions that we regulate. In our energy affordability chapter we also include Victoria (regulated by the Essential Services Commission) in the national and jurisdictional analysis.

Performance data plays an important role in informing stakeholders and promoting confidence in the market. Key stakeholders, such as government policy makers, regulators, consumer representatives, and energy ombudsmen use this data to identify emerging trends and provide better outcomes for customers.

This year we experienced unprecedented issues with the data provided by retailers. We received inaccurate, incomplete or late data submissions from a number of retailers. The delay in receiving accurate retailer data has delayed the release of this report and impacted on our ability to publish accurate quarterly data on our website.

Most notably, we received a number of inaccurate data submissions from AGL during 2017–18. While AGL has since resubmitted a complete set of data for the year, it has also indicated that some performance data and customer numbers it submitted to us in previous years may be inaccurate. This should be taken into consideration when drawing any conclusions about trends in the jurisdictions in which AGL is active.

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