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The Director, Terrestrial Ecosystems of the Department of Conservation (DOC) formally approved this threatened species recovery plan on 5 November 2018.

Threatened species recovery plans provide high-level recovery goals and objectives that drive recovery programmes and identify the priority actions needed to advance species recovery towards those goals;

  • The Kiwi Recovery Plan 2018–2028 provides direction to the kiwi recovery programme by setting goals and objectives that will secure kiwi from extinction and advance their recovery,
  • Is proactive, focuses on significant kiwi recovery issues, and identifies measurable recovery actions needed to achieve the plans goals and objectives.
  • Identifies the priority recovery actions to be implemented by DOC, iwi, partners and stakeholders,
  • Provides a basis from which DOC operational staff can develop annual operational work plans that integrate kiwi recovery,
  • Provides a framework to reach recovery goals through collaboration between government, tangata whenua, community groups, captive institutions, councils, non-profit organisations, landowners, researchers and members of the public, and
  • Stimulates the development of best-practice techniques and documents that help guide implementation of recovery actions.
  • The Kiwi Recovery Group led the preparation of this plan with engagement from people interested in kiwi recovery or affected by this plan, including tangata whenua, kiwi experts, conservation practitioners and managers from DOC and the community, captive institutions, councils, non-profit organisations and others. Over fifty contributors have helped form the plan.  Drafts were sent to relevant DOC Operations Districts, Managers and Directors for comment and to people and organisations with an interest in kiwi conservation. The recovery planning process included opportunities for further consultation between DOC and tangata whenua and the draft was subject to technical reviews internally within DOC and externally. Changes to the plan were made as a result of this consultation and the technical reviews.
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