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Regenerating Melbourne’s nineteenth-century shopping arcades since the 1950s
18 Jun 2018

Nineteenth-century shopping arcades are woven into Melbourne’s urban fabric. Images of the Block and Royal Arcades adorn social media and other websites and during the day, they are thronged by both locals and tourists. On the ground level, boutique stores and eateries display their goods,...

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Melbourne’s Bread and Cheese Club and postwar literary urban conservationism
18 Jun 2018

The origins of a conservation ethos in the urban Australia of the late 1960s and early 1970s is commonly assumed to stem from international influences. Yet there is also a local cultural element to this urban conservationism, the recognition, celebration and preservation of historic environments,...

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Heritage and scale in the twentieth-century Australian city
29 Jun 2016

The ways that the past impacts the Australian city in the present, sparking the historical consciousness of its residents and rulers alike, has its own social history. No doubt this history is tied to nineteenth-century Britain, the National Trusts and other voluntary organisations, and the...

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