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This paper uses contemporary documentation, interviews and maps to highlight the different types of music careers, and modes of “making it”, seen in the 1986 feature film Dogs in Space. The film concerns a fictional band of the same name, based on The Ears, a minor group active in the Melbourne band scene between 1979-1981. INXS’s Michael Hutchence plays Sam, the singer in post punk group Dogs in Space. The contrast between Hutchence and Sejavka was seen as remarkable: a major-league rock star, having “made it” by the time of the film’s production, portraying a relatively obscure post-punk musician. However, the trajectories of these bands did overlap in time and place. An historical geographical analysis of INXS and The Ears can help to add context to the Melbourne music scene depicted in the film, as well as to the later cult status popularity of the film, made during a transitional time between norms in the Australian music industry.

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Proceedings of the 14th Australasian Urban History Planning History Conference 2018
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